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Types of Grants

Development Grants

Documentary Africa will support promising African documentary film makers right from the story development stage.

Production Grants

Production grants support the actual shooting and recording of documentary film content

Post Production Grants

Documentary Africa will support filmmakers in finishing their documentary projects. This stage involves any process after production that leads to the creation of the actual final copy.

Emergency Grants

Serious risks are sometime realized, and the resultant dangers or challenges faced can be significant, imminent and require immediate interventions which may be beyond what has been budgeted for.

Selection Criteria

DocA will consider independent documentary filmmakers working in the following forms:

  • Short Documentary Films
  • Documentary Series
  • Feature-Length Documentary Films


The applications should be submitted by either the producer or the director.


Candidates are required to have directed, or produced at least one short or feature film.

Track record

Selected applicants should have a track record of pursuing and successfully completing independent projects


Applicants will be subjected to a transparent Cultural Test

Selection Guidlines

The Grant selection panel will be responsible for the review, scoring and selection of grantees. The selection panel will be non-board members sourced by the organization internally and externally. This panel will be guided by a bio data scoring sheet and criteria for qualification of the grant apart from their own professional observances.


  • The Main producer and main director should be of African descent.
  • The main producer and main director should be based in Africa.
  • In case a co-producer from other continents is attached to the project, this cannot be the main producer.

Submission requirements

  • Application Proposal
  • Narrative
  • Minimum 3minutes of your rough cut/video material
  • Sample work from the Producer/Director
  • Project Budget.


Selected applicants should have a track record of pursuing and successfully completing independent projects.

Please Note

Storytellers working primarily in the creation of organizational promotional videos, public service announcements, fundraising films, or issue campaign videos will not be considered.

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