The Real Reel Impact is a program developed by DOCA as a follow-up to its inaugural Impact Lab 2022. The program’s primary goal is to raise much-needed awareness about Impact Production within the continent’s larger documentary filmmaking community. It also attempts to educate producers and filmmakers on the possibilities of their work (films) as a tool and catalyst for social influence. Ultimately, providing them with the resources and expertise required to conduct successful impact campaigns


  • Field-Building & Outreach
    • Identifying existing African Film Case studies for Impact Campaign training.
    • Building a community of practice for Impact Producers across the continent.
  • Training
    • Facilitating one Impact Lab per pilot region in Eastern, Central and Western African regions.
    • Translating the Impact Field Guide to one of the most predominant Sub-Saharan Languages – Swahili.
  •  Granting
    • Start-Up Impact Grants will be awarded following intensive training coupled with adequate tools to implement their respective Impact Campaign Strategies.


  • Increased awareness of the nature and importance of Impact Production within the African continent.
  • Improved capacity of film teams to design and implement successful impact campaigns within their respective regions and beyond.
  • Broaden the pool of Impact Production funding to adequately and sustainably financially support the narrative-shift work of African documentary films.