The Real Reel Impact is a program developed by DOCA as a follow-up to its inaugural Impact Lab 2022. The program’s primary goal is to raise much-needed awareness about Impact Production within the continent’s larger documentary filmmaking community. It also attempts to educate producers and filmmakers on the possibilities of their work (films) as a tool and catalyst for social influence. Ultimately, providing them with the resources and expertise required to conduct successful impact campaigns


  • Field-Building & Outreach
    • Identifying existing African Film Case studies for Impact Campaign training.
    • Building a community of practice for Impact Producers across the continent.
  • Training
    • Facilitating one Impact Lab per pilot region in Eastern, Central and Western African regions.
    • Translating the Impact Field Guide to one of the most predominant Sub-Saharan Languages – Swahili.
  •  Granting
    • Start-Up Impact Grants will be awarded following intensive training coupled with adequate tools to implement their respective Impact Campaign Strategies.


  • Increased awareness of the nature and importance of Impact Production within the African continent.
  • Improved capacity of film teams to design and implement successful impact campaigns within their respective regions and beyond.
  • Broaden the pool of Impact Production funding to adequately and sustainably financially support the narrative-shift work of African documentary films.


Under our Granting component of the RRI Program DocA will award start-up impact grants to producers across who will have been selected following their participation in the Introductory lab.

  • Geo-focus: East, Central & West Africa have an advantage.
  • Grant Amount: $10,000



  • Feature films at any stage in production or completed within the last 2 years.
  • African Producer
  • Plan Frame for impact campaign.



Submit your application through the official DocA Grants Portal.

The application period closes on JUNE 28TH, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity!!

Designer & Impact Consultant

Emily Wanja uses storytelling to drive social change. She is an award-winning Impact producer for the campaign ‘We Can Fight Climate Change’ for the international feature documentary, ‘Thank you for the Rain’. She ran impact screenings for the film, ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ by Participant Media, in Kenya and is the project lead for Climate Story Lab Africa.

She’s on the Climate Justice Resilience Fund Advisory Council and on the Global Impact Producers Transitional Advisory Committee. She works with the Storyboard Collective on Impact and regional partnerships advisory and is on the Kenya Oscars selection committee.

Emily Wanja works at Doc Society as the global community manager at the Climate Story Unit, working with cultural organizations across different territories on Climate Story Labs.


Austin Odera Onyore Nyambok has a storied background mainly in: Strategic Communications, Media, Arts, Entertainment and Education

Currently, Nyambok is the Communications Officer at DocA – Documentary Africa. Where, he’s notably been involved in the Co-design of the DocA Real Reel Impact Program (RRI) that seeks to holistically support documentary producers/filmmakers with their Impact Campaigns. With DocA’s portfolio of over 40 Beneficiaries he guides them through their production process to better position their films for distribution and outreach.