Project Background

Creative documentary is one of the most challenging but compelling genres in film. The fragmentation of information in the African documentary filmmaking ecosystem results in chronic inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in the development, production, and distribution of this powerful cultural product. Past attempts at addressing this problem often produced static reports that quickly became outdated. While admirable, such efforts fall short – dated documents become obsolete. Furthermore, such reports are often not as useful nor accessible, for practical purposes, as they could and should be.

Project Details

DocA plans to create and launch a wiki-based platform seeded with the contents of the DOCA precursor 2013 report and co-opt the documentary filmmaking community to actively participate in updating it to reflect the current realities within their respective regions/locales. This would also catalyse the coalescing of a growing African documentary filmmaking community of practice, around this valuable and dynamic shared resource.

This platform should be designed to accommodate all the stakeholders within the African documentary filmmaking ecosystem.

Therefore, DocA is inviting qualified developers to submit letters of interest for consideration with a clearly outlined project implementation strategy for the desired platform.

The expressions of interests should be submitted by Thursday 16th June 2022